Gypsum partitions

Josenya Interior Designers offers a full range of lightweight gypsum partition and dry wall systems. Our systems are non-load bearing and constructed using modern, dry lining techniques. Gypsum metal framed partitions and walls can be used in all types of new and existing buildings, including private and social housing, apartments, healthcare, educational facilities, recreational and industrial properties. They cover all applications, from simple space division, through to high performance walls designed to meet the most demanding fire resistance, sound insulation, and impact and height requirements.
Our partition systems are constructed using lightweight materials, which can give rise to significant savings in structural design compared to masonry alternatives. Big benefits also include the speed of installation and reduction to overall build costs. Buildings need to evolve throughout their life to suit changing demands placed upon them. Our lightweight partition systems are easy to reconfigure with minimal impact to both building and occupants resulting in less disruption, optimizing the transformation process.